Wanda Ann Thomas

Wanda Ann Thomas

Wanda Ann Thomas

Wanda Ann Thomas


FAITHFUL DAUGHTER OF ISRAEL (Stand Alone Inspirational Romance)

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The homeless outcast known as Cursed ANNA has spent her days avoiding the reproachful glances of her fellow Jerusalemites and her nights defending against the bitter cold and her growing hunger and fear. Her deepest desire is to find acceptance among her people. For that to happen she must live one more day, and one more day after that. Desperation drives her to turn to the only means of survival for women without friends or family-harlotry. At Jerusalem's Dung Gate in the dead of night, a scarlet-caped Roman soldier nears, and Anna quakes at having to approach the imposing, broad-shouldered man. Confronted by the foreigner, who identifies himself as the fortress commander, Anna fears she has made a terrible mistake.

JULIAN OF ALEXANDRIA is counting the days until he could escape this cursed assignment. He suspects his mother, his Jewish mother, is to blame for the bad luck of being stationed in Judea. Raised thoroughly Roman, Julian wants nothing to do with the Jews. Until Anna. Anna, the spirited Jewess who means to be a harlot. Except this frightened half-dead beauty seems an unlikely seductress. Though he should flee this attraction and fulfill his promise to his father to find a Roman wife, Julian makes himself Anna's protector.

Impossible choices face this desperate Jewess and her hardened Roman commander. Will their rigid beliefs and traditions separate them, or will they follow their hearts?

Family turmoil led JAMES ONIAS to leave both the priesthood and the Jewish faith. But at the invitation of King Herod, he returns to Jerusalem with the prospect of rebuilding the city in the king's grand design. James's obsession with becoming a renowned master builder is second only to his love for Elizabeth Boethus. Married to a longtime rival, Elizabeth is about to be executed for adultery. Certain of her innocence, James whisks her to his ancestral home and appeals to King Herod for help. Seeing all his desires within reach, James is prepared to dupe or undermine anyone in his way. Anyone except Elizabeth.



About the Author:

Wanda Ann Thomas writes fast-paced historical romance set among the tumultuous perils of the ancient world. She adores heart-felt love stories, featuring warrior heroes and courageous heroines who will brave any danger for loved ones and struggle against overwhelming obstacles to win their happily ever after.

Building stories based in the Roman/Judeo world, Wanda's interest in first century history was sparked by reading the works of the historian Josephus. The inspiration for The HEROD CHRONICLES came about while doing research for another project and she discovered the particulars of Herod the Great's career. Herod was a fascinating complicated man whose larger-than-life exploits are made for fiction.

Wanda starts each day bright and early at her computer writing and drinking coffee. When the weather allows she and her husband average three rounds of golf a week. She confesses to being overly fond of chocolate chips cookies, winter vacations spent in sunny Florida, and her large boisterous family.

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